Dirk Dahl & some of his work

I have been working as an artist much of my life always searching for ways of expression.  I found ceramics in high school, I loved manipulating the clay into anything I could imagine. I liked the accidents, the randomness & the structuring of the elements into drama, emotion or the stimulation of thought. Clay became a very powerful medium for me, always exploring...


Many years ago I decided to start teaching. Originally it was a way for me to get out of the studio, enjoy people and take a break from myself, It has since become an extremely rewarding experience for me, In fact, every time I teach a class or workshop I learn something. When I do demonstrations (as levels progress) I'll usually try a new pot or technique for the first time, I figured if I'm asking my students to take risks and try some new things then I should be willing to try too.


I have exhibited my work internationally in juried and invitational exhibitions, as well as taught workshops around America at schools and have also spent years working in galleries eventiallly opening one in Santa Monica CA. (Dahl & Gallant Fine Art Gallery). My work is in numerous private and public collections.

Painting, sculpting or designing everyday objects - my work covers a wide range of art. I am always open to trying new things, and to discovering different means of expression. 


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We offer a one-time experience potter's wheel workshops for the beginner and for those who have taken beginning pottery classes in the past and would like a refresher lesson. This workshop will introduce the basic skills of working with clay on the potter's wheel and will provide you with the understanding of what it takes to use the potter's wheel. No previous experience required. Workshop includes a demonstration, hands-on clay experience, materials and firing. Tools provided.



Cost: $49.00 per student



Please see Class Schedule